A Mutant Vehicle


The Acavallo Carousel is a dream-boat mutant-vehicle party machine, built for Burning Man and beyond.  We bring the good times.   

Acavallo is an interactive art piece, built for one purpose - to bring joy to the people.   

An Interactive Playground


The ship is a playground, unfolding to your physical comfort level, with an easily accessed deck, from which you can climb up to the catwalk and explore the potentialities of the structure.  

It is a playground piece for all ages.

A Carousel


The horses carousel, moving up and down and round and round in hypnotic rhythym, scything the sky with their flaming poles.  It is an unbelievable exercise in sexy, simple mechanics resulting in organic flow, the horses are always on the move. And they'll carry any load - you can pile on the people, the horses don't care.  Their backs are flat, for dancing and general hilarity.  Get your boogie on!

A Stage


And yes, there's a stage on the back, with the equipment necessary to actualize live music.  And, of course, a DJ table.  Get your rockstar on!

Acavallo at Burning Man 2018